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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

its all about me me me

hi its Rhiannon,
I'm in year 8 now
fave tv :program Ugly Betty
fave film :strictly ballroom
not one you would normally pick but its got great music /dancing and its soooooooooo funny
one word genius
not as crap as I thought it would be the characters had me in stitches because it was so easy to relate them to other people and the acting was fantastic
fave soap:corries of coarse though must admit its stating to get a bit weak I still have hope yet
fave pet:only have one sabotage of course (my sister named it refer to Valiant)
best friends:Caitlin
Amelia and to answer your question it does get confusing
fave books: winter rose and tea rose
ivy and merry begot
when lightning strikes
princess' diaries
iv just had my 13 birthday party it was great me and my fiend were up until the early hours having fun

Saturday, February 12, 2005

My Birthday Party - 22nd January at the Hard Rock Cafe

Here we are in the vault - I have Eric Clapton's Guitar, Caitlin has Bob Dylan's hat, Alice has John Lennon's tea set, Carys has Bo Diddly's hat, Liberty has Jimi Hendrix's "Flying-V" guitar (see picture at the back), Ellie has another guitar and Emilia has a Gold disc. Posted by Hello

This is everyone in the Hard Rock Cafe Posted by Hello